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Deconstructed Salmon Sushi Bowl

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Everything You Need Make The Best Ever Salmon Sushi Bowl

This list looks long, but fear not! If you’ve got a decently-stocked pantry, we bet you’ve got these ingredients in your fridge and cupboard already:...

what you'll need:
  1. Wild caught salmon filet

  2. Coconut Aminos hi j yuh u qqqsq

  3. Sesame oil

  4. Grated ginger

  5. Minced garlic

  6. Salt and pepper

  7. Cooked white rice

  8. Shredded carrots

  9. Chopped Cucumbers

  10. Roasted seaweed - Individual packs are easiest!

  11. Avocado

  12. Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning or sesame seeds

Prepare the rice either in a Insta Pot or Stove Top... your choice!

Prepping the salmon:

And while the rice is cooking prep the salmon by adding all the ingredients to the salmon filet. I let my salmon sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes to let marinate. And then baked 400°F for 15 minutes. But if you like your salmon medium rare I would suggest cooking less time.

Assembling the Salmon Bowls:

And now for the fun part!

Putting the deconstructed sushi bowls together.

First, add cooked rice to the base of the bowl.

And add cooked salmon, shredded carrots, chopped cucumbers, avocado, chopped roasted seaweed, and everything but the bagel sesame seasoning on top.


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