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remedy reset

real results. 

shift your mindset. 

find food freedom. 

shed the weight. 

live with more joy...on the daily! 

A program for women over 40

who are ready to reclaim their 

health and wellness...for life. 

Through this program you will learn: 


  • How to fuel your body effectively to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day

  • You will become a "fat burner" instead of a "sugar burner"

  • You will be given the tools to restructure your metabolism and gain a "flexible" metabolic system. 

  • You will improve and balance your hormone levels for optimal living

  • You will learn how to work out "smarter, not harder" - effective, short & high-intensity

  • You will you feel stronger & more energetic 

  • You will have a "healthy toolbox" that will help you stay fit and active for life



the 4 pillars



Musli Mix


Cindy A.  

"I lost 7lbs in 3 weeks!

Feeling less bloated and thinner in my midsection!

Ready for Round 2 of the Remedy Reset!"

Michelle D. 

I lost 14 pounds!  

I don't  crave sugar the way I did before and my skin looks better... I sleep much better & feel energized, I am more active and feel great!"

Melissa S. 

"This program is truly all around nailing it for wellness. I never had a full circle program that had a complete effect overall."

How it Works: 

 The Remedy Reset program is designed to help women over 35+  fix their metabolism & finally ditch the diet cycle - and THRIVE with more energy, less stress and loving the skin they’re in! 

I will teach you how to burn fat without starving yourself or overexercising so that you can nourish your body and start to repair your relationship with food.

The Real Results you will get with consistency and commitment:  

  1. Lose stubborn weight gain

  2. Optimize your hormones

  3. Restore your metabolism 

  4. Release stress inflammation

  5. Reclaim your energy to find more calm and confidence


For women who are done with the yo-yo dieting and starving themselves thin. 


Who are ready to maximize their metabolism by addressing the root cause of where the weight gain, exhaustion, brain fog and mood swings are coming from. 



Rebeccah J.  

I feel AMAZING!  Wrapping up the 12 weeks on the Remedy Formula and I have lost a total of 25 pounds...this program was exactly what I needed! Jane made it so doable to stay focused & never felt like a diet...THANK YOU Jane!

Jennifer H. 

The Remedy Formula set  me up for success right away - Jane made it  easy to jump in with both feet and she gave me the boost of confidence to know I cauld stick with it for 90 days!

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