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Colorful Food

Food Freedom

find your unique road map

to food freedom & body love!

It took me a while to get here - and like anything worth having, it was worth the no means have I reached a destination, as this is an ever changing journey.

The willingness to try and fail, to adapt to the many changes in my hormonal balance as I age, and the ability to continue the process.

After way too many years of yo-yo dieting, trying the latest fad diets out there...and believe me, I have tried them all - I have landed in what I like to call my "mid-life sweet spot"!

Being my own health advocate, because I know my body best, I found freedom in intermittent fasting, circadian rhythm adaptation, daily movement & eating whole, real food that fuels and nourishes my body.  

I feel more alive in my

late 40's then I did in my late 20's!

More energy, better sleep, gaining lean muscle & losing inches all over - this protocol has changed my physique and I've maintained it for over 2 years without ever feeling

deprived or missing out on foods that I love. 

If you are ready to make lasting change happen, all it takes is a few

tweaks - and a brand new MINDSET!

  •  meal timing/circadian cycling

  • a commitment to move your body everyday

  • adopting a whole food approach

  • mostly plant based/lean protein & good fats

I would LOVE to help you find your way to

Food Freedom!

Contact me for 1:1 programs


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