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move your body

movement and mobility are key to living in a happy, supple body.

I believe the key is to find a balanced approach to moving every day - the chances of sticking with it are far greater if you find what motivates and energizes you!

all the right moves...

find your REMEDY.

Establishing a fitness routine that YOU LOVE can feel a little bit like you're chasing a unicorn. Do they actually exist? Can you actually establish a routine that works for your body, goals, schedule, preferences, and budget? My aim is to help you find that exact fitness unicorn. A custom-fit routine that helps you get in a sweat without feeling drained and dreading it the next time around!

  • Include a variety of different types of exercises like mobility, strength training, endurance, and, yes, fun!

  • Keep you excited and motivated.

  • Be personally feasible and fit your budget, location, schedule

  • Result in the healthiest, happiest you.

What type of workout do you need? Strength, Speed, Endurance, Moderate Endurance & Mobility

  • CrossFit = Strength, Speed, Endurance

  • Kickboxing = Speed, Endurance

  • Athletic Yoga = Endurance, Strength, Mobility

  • Restorative Yoga = Mobility, Mind-Body Connection

  • Spinning = Speed, Endurance

  • Dance = Speed, Endurance, Mobility

  • Barre = Strength, Moderate Endurance

How many days per week do you plan to train?

Currently, I am loving a 3 days of HiiT - High Intensity Interval Training + 2 days of Leisure Walking - 60-90 minute slow-pace walking and 1 day dedicated to full rest/recovery.

Create a plan that works by being your own detective & mixing up the modalites.
If you want to gain strength & change your physique you MUST strength train....

Forget hours of cardio if you want to see real change in the body, get a pair of dumbells or a kettlebell for at-home workouts.

You can find many videos on YouTube for strength training - some of my favorites to follow are Street & 

Get the REMEDY 

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