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Smash Burger!

The Viral Smash Burger - is the ultimate, easy when you need, recipe to make right now! It combines two favorites: smash burgers with tacos. And you will freak over how easy they are to make!

How to make smash burger tacos:

1. First portion the beef and season, you want to make the beef about a small golf-ball size depending on your tortillas

2. Next set up your tortillas and desired toppings so they are close by to the stove

3. Heat up a large skillet or griddle to high heat then on the back burner add another pan and heat on low heat

4. Place the beef on the skillet then add tortilla on top and smash it down (I used a another skillet to smash it) and depending on skillet size, you can do more than 1 at a time

5. Make sure the tortilla is pressing down so the burger is thin and cook for about 3 minutes and gently flip over

6. Remove from skillet and add to the skillet behind it to crisp the other side of the tortilla (I do this because skillet can get greasy so it’s good to use a new one)

7. Quickly add the cheese at this time and crisp tortilla for about 2-3 minutes

8. Remove from heat and add desired toppings and enjoy while warm and crispy!


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